Work with us at McGraw Realtors!

Considering a Career in Real Estate?

For over 82 years, McGraw Realtors has been helping people launch and grow their real estate careers. Through easy access to post-licensing and free continuing education, McGraw can help you grow your business and take your career to the next level! 

McGraw has a full Real Estate Academy with all the licensing and post-licensing courses you need to obtain and renew your license! And as a Realtor with McGraw, all our CE courses are free to you! Contact Leah to learn more about getting your license through McGraw! 

Already a Licensed Realtor Looking for the Right Company?

You definitely need to take a look at McGraw! As the largest independant brokerage in Oklahoma, McGraw has staying power. With a full service marketing department, offering one-on-one and group training sessions, fantastic websites (like this one!), CRM software, mobile app, social media marketing, print materials and so much more, you will look and feel like a true professional!  

There is also ongoing training and mentoring with year-round education, Rookie club meetings, Coffee for Closers collaboration sessions and individual meetings with various departments and branch brokers. McGraw has great leadership, spacious offices, and an incredible culture, which will inspire you to work harder and be your best!  

Call Leah if you have any questions or want to learn more about how McGraw helped her take her business to the next level - so you can too! 

Ready to Grow Your Business with a Mentor by Joining The Leah Brown Team?

Then I would love to talk to you! I started Real Estate in 2007 as a young, starry-eyed dreamer. I was excited to make my own future with a flexible career that allowed me the chance to help other people during big transitions in their lives while being creative and fun. But there was SO much to learn!

I have been blessed to work with a number of incredible Realtors and role models that poured their wisdom, resources and encouragement into me as I built my business. Now, 13 years, 3 kids and hundreds of houses later, I'm at a place where its my turn to give back and pour into others. While I'm still developing myself as a person and Realtor, I find I'm gaining more and more joy sharing what I know with others. I never want to stop growing and improving and I am excited to do this with other motivated and enthusiastic people!  -Leah

If you are interested in partnering with a seasoned Realtor who can mentor you and help you build your business, give Leah a call!  The Leah Brown Team may be the right fit for you!

Leah Brown: (405) 414-2433.